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.  We are world leader in Aloevera having 85% world market share and Bee hive products.Our products are 100% organic with no chemical, no preservative, no artificial coloring available in 157 countries. All products are imported from USA.  We have world's top product ratings like IASC, Islamic seal of approval, Kosher Rating, Halal Rating etc these certifications proves our products are best in the world. We have wide range of Health products like Aloevera drink's (97.5%) stablijed, Bee products like Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propliss other supplements like Omega 3 9, L-argi 9, co engyeme Q10, Gensing, Ginkoo Bilova, Garcinia with Cromium picolinate, Protein Shakes Super Anti oxidants and many more.We have complete range of skin care and cosmetic like Facial kit, scrub, toner,

moisturizers and other creams and lotions also we have proved weight management products. We have excellent range of home care products like soap, shampoo, world best awarded tooth gel, after shave, perfume etc....

All the products are pure natural.

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